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Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons

HD PLAN-IT started working with FSPS in January of 2017 to begin organizing their annual meeting and developing new forward-thinking ideas to grow their member base.

Established in 1956, the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons has been helping to make safe, high-quality plastic surgery available in the state of Florida for more than half a century. FSPS is a plastic surgeon directory comprised of over 200 reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons located in the state of Florida.

FSPS promotes the art, science and ethical practice of plastic surgery. We strive to provide patients with highly qualified physicians that will exceed their expectations. We base our foundation on education, ensuring that both patients and physicians are abreast of the latest surgical procedures and techniques.

FSPS offers members a place to network and exchange ideas. Annual Forum Meetings are held where members can share knowledge as a means to hone their craft. HD Plan-IT along with the FSPS Board has helped to create the most up-to-date annual meeting each year focusing on the latest techniques, safety of patients, Florida legislative matters, and provides expert speakers to enhance the attendee learning experience. FSPS membership helps plastic surgeons grow their individual practice. Christopher Nuland, Esq., the FSPS attorney and lobbyist, provides members with up to the minute legislative reports and will provide complimentary consults for FSPS members. 


The Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons is one of the largest state plastic surgery associations and has a very productive, caring, and dedicated executive board. 

Past Annual Meetings: 

2020 - The Breakers - Palm Beach, FL

2019 - The Breakers - Palm Beach, FL 

2018 - The Breakers - Palm Beach, FL 

2017 - The Breakers - Palm Beach, FL 

2016 - Naples Grande Beach Resort - Naples, FL 

2015 - Boca Raton Resort & Club - Boca Raton, FL

2014 - Waldorf Astoria - Orlando, FL 

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